Programme Volunteers

The following are our programme volunteers:

Sessional doctors

Doctors in different specialized areas who offer their medical services at a subsidized cost.

Sessional counselors

Professional counselors who offer counseling services at a subsidized cost.

Community Health Volunteers

Members of the community trained to provide Home Based Care, Reproductive Health Information and services.

Peer Youth Educators

Young people trained to disseminate reproductive heath messages to their peers.

Work Place Peer Educators

People in the same workplace or location who have been trained to disseminate reproductive
health messages to their workmates.

Friends of Youth

The Friends of Youth (FOY) program is a multi-stage youth-adult mentoring model, which began in 1994.FOYs are respected adult mentors(aunts or uncles, a pattern consistent with traditional ways of passing sexuality education among many communities in Kenya   derived from Kikuyu culture) chosen by the community .

  • They received training on HIV/AIDS, RH, behaviour change & communication skills, among other basic skills;
  • Are assigned a geographical area of coverage in their own communities;
  • Do an initial listing of households to collect demographic information such as age, marital status and relationship to household head;
  • Engage all young people who fall within the 10-24 age bracket within their areas of assignment, referring those in need of services to participating providers;
  • Promote communication skills for parents, religious leaders and community leaders to enhance communication with the youth;
  • FOYs refer young people to reproductive health services(private clinics that are trained to offer youth friendly services) using a coupon, which subsidizes the cost of services; fee of KSH 50 (approx. USD $0.60), if he/she can afford it and the provider waives the rest of the consultation fee, thus removing cost as a barrier.